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We are software developers with experience in industrial and ambition to move automation on upper level. We create technological solutions that help you use your full potential.


PLC TIA .Net Library

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Static library written in .NET standard. Enables generating of the PLC program (LAD) in C# language.

  • Full support for TIA Portal Openness.
  • Set of tools for helping you with creating own generation rules.
  • Separate library for define/import production line structure.
  • Support for convert Tia Library from project to C# class format.

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App created with 'PLC TIA .Net Library' for generating PLC code for VASS6 Standard.

  • Speeds up the PLC writing process.
  • Better and more convenient form of programming.
  • Reduction of PLC program writing costs.
  • Improving the quality of logic within the standard.
  • Avoids the often and tedious process of copying and pasting and the associated errors.
  • Improving the quality of the PLC program.
  • Facilitating the management of the program languages (generating web titles and other texts in standardized forms).
  • Better management of know-how for a specific technology within the standard.
  • Facilitation of the programming process (reduction of required offline competencies).

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